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Every day, more and more people are discovering
'Joy Healing.'
This is a 10 minute script, sent to you over the Internet or through the mail. You read it right before you sleep and discover its effects before you wake up. It is that easy.
Remember as a child the awesome sense that a new best friend was just down the block from you? That a somersault in the grass meant life was worthwhile? And the magical feel of new tennis shoes? Remember all of that? As adults, we are so caught up in our achievements and adult responsibilities that Joy has hidden itself in the basement of our hearts. This lack of joy manifests in many ways...
- a lack of continuity and community in our neighborhoods
- huge numbers of adults affected with auto-immune diseases
- scary politicians frightening the whole world with their nightmares of a New World Order.
Is there a way to snap out of it?

We can establish Joy through just two 20 minute Joy touchdowns. One such touchdown is a general message of love and lightness that opens you up to Joy's lost realm. 

Whatever is keeping you from the moment.

 Whatever is keeping you from Joy. (The exercises are available as phone sessions or a printed script either mailed to you or downloaded as a PDF file.)
When you finish reading this, you can order by clicking inside this sentence here.

These exercises were designed by divine intervention at a time when my life situation seemed hopeless. Two 20 minute sessions turned my life around - and listening to a recording of the session "refreshed" the Joy when obstacles again seemed to loom higher than ever. No matter what your problem, Joy clears a path to resolving any life crisis. Joy offers a clarity of mind that helps you see solutions where before there had been only problems.

Joy is the divine spark that fuels our entire being. Joy is a means to an end and an end in itself.

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