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One purpose of a Joy Healing is to successfully overcome Loneliness, and any and all feelings and experiences related to betrayal.
An example of when Joy Healing Comes about...

Joy Healing can come to you unsolicited, as an involuntary spiritual aid. Divine Intervention is available to all of us - You may indeed know what I mean.

Have you ever been in the midst of an unsolvable crisis only to go to sleep, weary and care-worn. Hours later, you wake up relaxed and carefree. And Next - Perhaps without knowing why - we start our day energized as though all of life's disturbances have passed us by.

We are refreshed and quickly go on with our lives, almost forgetting the miracle of this crisis passing by. For instance, let's say a boss is making you miserable - you have visions of him or her firing you and putting you out of work at a time that the economy is very bad - you cannot resolve this - you go home and perhaps "dream out" the worst this situation could bring you - jobless, broke, living onthe streets, and then when the dream has been dreamt out, you wake and go into work only to find out that your boss has been transferred to a different part of the company and even better than that, someone who likes you and admires you is now your boss.

Joy is the divine spark that fuels our entire being. Joy is a means to an end and an end in itself.

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