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There are at least two situations in which a Joy Healing may not be effective. The first of these would be when you are in overwhelming grief. Grief is a life task that one has to work through and surrender to, and in the initial stages of grief, a Joy Healing may not prevent an individual from the awfulness of the grief experience. Once the initial stage of grief is behind you, a Joy Healing should offer a great deal of restoration and even Joy.

The second of these is in the initial stages of breaking free from an addiction. The newest information on cigarette addiction is that with the help of a compassionate dentist, having a single session of nitrous oxide may allow the cravings to cease for three to four days. Should you avoid cigarettes during that time, you may then be so well on the way to de-toxing that you will easily slip free of this habit.

But larger addictions, like hard drugs or alcohol, may require more traditional methods such as a stay at a rehab facility or joining Alcoholics Anonymous.

Once you are through the initial stages of the addiction, whatever it may be, a Joy Healing will indeed help you blossom into the New and Happier You.

Joy is the divine spark that fuels our Entire Being.
Joy is a means to an end and an end in itself.

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