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Elise. I had the induction at 2:10, seemed like five minutes, and it was 3:10, so I definitely disassociated big time and felt really great during and afterwards. I didn't sleep the previous night, too much going on, so me being Zenn'ed out afterwards shows the power of this.

The masseuse is a spiritualist type and she knows her stuff so the induction was handled well. She read a couple of parts twice. She did some energy stuff that I sort of remember but not a massage, which was fine. From what I remember, the energy work was pretty amazing.

I did some wonderful work with a great hypnotherapist (MD, shrink) in 92' and this was of that quality. I've also had a lot of training in it but I don't use it in my work much, by choice. About 60% of the folks I work with are teens and they're out.

But I loved it.
Michael C.
Washington DC

This totally simple exercise packs a wallop that is almost unimaginable in terms of its healing effect. You sleep better and wake up in a reality that seems tailor made for your growth.
Mark Allen Frost

Joy is a means to an end and an end in itself.

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